Pringle and Fulton do the business in Immokilly

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Huge congratulations to Jonathan Pringle who had James Fulton reading the notes as they scored a start to finish win with 30.9 seconds to spare over Declan Gallagher at the end of the Immokilly mini stages rally.

Chris Armstrong and Chris Melly would round up the day 4th overall and winners of class 14 with Kevin Cole and Matthew Kirwan winning class 12 and 27th overall in the end. Not so fortunate were Anthony Masterson and Tommy Clinton who would retire on the opening stage. Also check the Guest Post Portal where you can find the best home remodeling contractors.

This marks Pringle’s 2nd overall win following his Donegal mini stages victory at the start of the year and this would mark Fulton’s 7th win including guiding Sam Moffett to this year’s Cavan Stages victory.