Lurgan Park

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One of the most famous single venue events in Europe, the Lurgan Park Rally has been a stable occupant on most competitors ‘bucket list’ over the years it has seen the likes of Evans, Snijers, Salonen, Rovenperra to name but a few big stars as they try and thread their high horse power cars through the trees to the delight of thousands of spectators.

This year 2 club members returned to the action in the park as they tried to add their names to history by taking crystal and avoiding the infamous trees around the course. Defending mk2 challenge champion Wesley Patterson would once again take the reigns of his 2.5 Millington diamond engined escort. He would be accompanied once again by Johnny Baird who would call the all important notes. Another man making the return to the park would be club chairman Stephen Kellett he would be accompanied by national novice night navigation champion Andrew Wedlock in the new Ep3 Honda Civic.

From the word go Patterson made his intentions clear by mixing it with the other top mk2 men and beating a lot of four wheel drive machinery who would be expected to have an advantage on the gravel sections in the park. By the half way point they had made their mark by leading the mk2 men by over 8 seconds,  a lifetime in the short sharp blasts around the park.

Stephen Kellett would be putting in a good performance after a close call with a wall on the opening stage in the slippery conditions, a bit of a handycap was the fact that the little Civic had to run in class 1 with the likes of full group n Evo 9’s and Subaru Impreza’s so this instantly made the run out “just for fun”.

At the end of the day it would be Patterson and Baird who would take the spoils with 8th overall and the leading mark 2 escort in the event. Stephen Kellett and Andrew Wedlock would finish the day a satisfying 4th in class and trading times with some of the four wheel drive opposition by the end of the day.